Bay Urology


The Design Process

Linda was approached by André and Liam to design their logo, stationery and signage for “Bay Urology”. They were in the process of completing their purpose-built premises in Tauranga, devoted to managing all urological conditions and treatments thereof. Her initial thoughts were to avoid any use of kidney/urethra diagrams but to rather focus on typography to convey the “inner workings” (tubes/plumbing) of the body – hence the thin white letters with black outlines. As with any logo, the Bay Urology logo needed to be robust enough to represent on a small scale and also be simple enough for things like embroidery on clothing, so care was taken with font choice.

Once the business was up and running, Linda turned her attention to the website for Bay Urology. It needed to be simple enough to find anything one is interested in, whether diagnosis, prognosis or treatment. The information should be available should anyone want to seek it out, but not overpowering with too much “content” – hence the decision was made to break the information up into bite size pieces (“more/less” tabs). It needs to be easy to navigate with a decent amount of useful information that is clear and easy to understand without being too stressful to find. There is a lot of information on the Bay Urology website, with potential to add more as they add more services or research.

Bay Urology Website – Website built by Macnet Technologies


Bay Urology
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