Feathers + Ink


The Brief:

What is Feathers + Ink?

Feathers + Ink is a children’s bed linen brand that’s being developed out of Sarah Lowe’s love for textiles and design, and her ethos that just because we become parents doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice good design!

Her goal is to create pieces that are timeless and emulate the free spiritedness of children – they will have a sense of fun about them but also a sense of sophistication. The main line will include fitted cot sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers (toddler and single size). Cushion covers and toy storage bins could be included at a later stage. Each piece will be hand screen printed on 100% linen – a fabric that has great strength and durability – so they are made to last. With the right love and care, they could be passed down through generations. The natural properties of linen – keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer – makes it the perfect fabric for bed linen for little people.

Due to the handmade nature of screen printing there will be imperfections and no 2 pieces will be the same, adding to their character and uniqueness. In keeping with the relaxed nature of linen fabric, the designs will have a hand drawn aesthetic. Some will have a repeat pattern going across the whole fabric while others will have one large statement design.

To begin with the base linen fabric will be white with a black ink design. There may be a shot of colour here and there but it will never be more than black + one accent colour. In the future, the base fabric may be expanded to include other greyscale colours.

Watch this space!


Feathers Ink
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