Friuli logo design


Drawing inspiration directly from her travels overseas (Italy in particular) Linda was able to design a logo for Luise’s start-up company: “Friuli Artisan Foods”. After a couple of phone calls to discuss the symbolism, colours and direction of Friuli and some careful scanning of her travel photographs, Linda designed the “Friuli Artisan Foods” eagle in keeping with the Friuli region in terms of symbolism, style and colours. The eagle is a symbol of the Friuli region in Italy, so careful attention was paid to the kind of eagle depicted – not too military, not too German, not too American… in fact, there is a little sculpture in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence that served as the perfect inspiration for this eagle.

Luise, an Italian-Australian based in Melbourne, Australia, dictated that the look and feel of the brand needed to reflect an artisan feel, to promote homemade, natural, Italian style products – specifically inspired by the Friuli Giulia Venezia region in Italy. Luise can currently be found selling her ready made polenta in markets around Melbourne, but hopes to be “mainstream” in the future with her Friuli Artisan Foods brand.


Friuli Artisan Foods