Iatoria is an eHealth company created by Dr. Jim Duthie, Urological Surgeon, to provide robust, reliable, accurate and accessible medical information to the layperson. He chose the name “Iatoria” – which is an ancient Greek word meaning “The Art of Healing” and was keen on a “scribbly style”, more natural looking than a regular typeface, to reflect the fact that a lot of (great)ideas are scribbled on a café napkin or hotel pad.

Once the logo was completed, work began on the website. Jim had a clear idea of what he wanted and commissioned beautiful anatomical drawings by Hannah Beattie of a hand(hand of the surgeon), a brain(the idea behind the site), lungs (communication), heart (The heart of Iatoria is making people better)…and a quirky foot “footer” for a bit of an aside to the rest of the site.

The end result was a bit different to how Jim imagined it, but he reflected that this was the value of collaboration. Indeed, it was a great project to be involved in – there was a lot of space to flex creative muscles while still following the brief. A fantastic web build by Macnet Technologies completed the collaboration process.

Iatoria business cards followed with minimal text, inviting inquisitive minds to visit the Iatoria website to find out more.

“Linda, I am very, very impressed”…
“Once again I blown away. Fantastic.” – great feedback on a liberating graphic design job!


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