New identity for Kristine Scherp Communications


After a long career of working for several companies, Kristine is going out on her own, being her own boss! She wanted Linda to design her a new identity to reflect her line of business (such a long list*!) and her personality. Kristine started off just wanting something simple, not just black and white… something with Linda’s “special creative input”… something young at heart, perhaps something green – because of her love of the outdoors and nature.

The bold, handwritten name along with the geometric flower/speech bubble (representing all the facets she brings to the table/client) ended up being a perfect fit for Kristine, who was amazed that the process only took a few days. Within a week she had received her business cards, had signed off on letterheads, invoice templates and her email signature. After showing off her new look online she had referrals from friends of friends and has had meetings for potential new work – a really positive result!

“Oooohhhh you are wonderful!!! I love the green flower/speech bubble. How did you do this so fast?!”

* List of services:
Multi-media writing and editing
Internal and external communications
Media and stakeholder relationship management
Website and digital media content


Kristine Scherp Communications
Branding, Business Card, Logo, Print