New in town: Colonic Inner Health


Colonic Inner Health – new in Rotorua – specialising in cleansing the colon. Nathalie Besançon is a naturopathic practitioner with a special interest in the areas of digestion. Nathalie is there to help you detox yourself from the inside out, naturally.  It’s never too late to achieve wellness and from her business Colonic Inner Health, Nathalie encourages, motivates and inspires her clients to experience a healthier body mind and soul.

When it comes to mood, it’s not all in your head — it’s in your gut, too. “The brain influences the digestive tract and vice versa.” In fact, new research has found that our esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon have a big say in how our minds and bodies function and how happy we feel. “The gut is a critical group of organs that we need to start paying more attention to. Doing so may be the secret to improving our overall wellness,” says Michael Gershon, MD, the author of The Second Brain and pioneering gastroenterologist.  Nathalie truly believes that a strong foundation of nutrition through food, will promote and maintain health and balance within the body. In addition Nathalie uses Herbal remedies such as Gemmotherapy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and nutritional supplementation (vitamins, minerals etc,) to encourage the body to stimulate the innate healing process.

Your zest for life may be notably missing at the moment but know that you can get it back. Good health begins within the colon. Restore the colon and everything else will change.



Colonic Inner Health Detox Clinic
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