Rotorua Canopy Tours


When Rotorua Canopy Tours opened in 2012, they needed a local designer to help with getting all the little bits and pieces done. Linda Page was excited to be approached to keep the Canopy Tours brand in tact and create new things while following the style of the existing brand. From photobooks, advertising, point of sale items, posters, signs, cards, web design updates, coffee mugs and T-shirts and creating the new “Gary the Guide” character – Linda has had fun creating it all.

To date their awards include Winners of the Supreme Tourism Award 2016, Winners of the Visitor Experience Award 2016, Winners of the Environmental Tourism Award, Winners of the Rotorua Westpac Business Awards Supreme Winner 2016, Winners of the Rotorua Westpac Attractions Business Award 2016 and the Rotorua Westpac Award in Sustainable Practices 2016 – IMPRESSIVE!

Rotorua Canopy Tours website by Adrian Hodge of Hodgeman Web Design


Rotorua Canopy Tours
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