Slaughter Fishing Charters – Great Design


Zak and Lisa Slaughter had a great vision for their new business: Slaughter Fishing Charters,  outlining an idea for their logo to include a fish skeleton with an overall “grungy” feel. After spending some time with it, Linda presented a logo to them and was delighted when they declared they loved it! “It looks so cool!! We are so impressed!!” A few adjustments were made with regard to colour and background but the ‘bones’ of the logo were approved and Linda was commissioned to design the boat logo as well: “Relentless” with a possible Army/Special Forces/S.W.A.T. vibe.

Zak and Lisa have opened their business to great success in Houhora, NZ, and have embraced their logo and brand, getting hoodies and T-shirts made with their logo files Linda provided.

If you’re ever wanting to experience the thrill of a fishing charter  – SLAUGHTER FISHING CHARTERS in the boss! Have a look at their Facebook page to see their happy customers and their takings.


Slaughter Fishing Charters
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