Wildebuss ı Girls clothing label ı Logo Design


Wildebuss is a children’s clothing label catering exclusively for girls. But not just any girls – girls who are more than sugar and spice and all things nice. Clothing for the wild girl, the rough ‘n tumble girl, the girl who holds her own in the sandpit with the boys and hosts a tea party in a pirate ship. It is tough and sassy with little touches of razzmatazz.

Who are we? We are mums of girls. Mums who got sick of seeing pink and Disney and butterflies. We are mums who want to challenge gender stereotypes and so have created a clothing line which does just that. The result is a collection which is made for the modern girl from quality fabrics which are durable without the high end boutique prices.

For the little girl who dares to dream like Peter Pan, not Wendy.

Reagan and Mary were very happy with the resulting Wildebuss logo. Linda found inspiration in her grandfather’s old “Archie” comic book collection: scuffles and fight scenes!

Have a look at their Facebook page for exciting updates, not just for little girls, but women who are still little girls at heart!

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