Man Maintenance


Linda was briefed about the erectile dysfunction clinic at Bay Urology and spent some time thinking about how to convey this one. The name of the clinic took a while to be decided upon, but once “Man Maintenance” was confirmed she was thrilled to see a bit of the client’s humour come through in what is surely a low moment in anyone’s life when they need to attend an erectile dysfunction clinic. The most overpowering idea was the toolbox analogy and all the tools…Screw, spanner in the works, hammer and tongs… This logo is not to be obvious to all, but meaningful to some, with a touch of humour to all who ‘get it’. The subtle humour makes it likeable, acceptable, recognisable and (almost) cool and hopefully it gets a better “pick up” rate than an “Erectile Dysfunction” card. We created business cards as well as “Loyalty Cards”.

Interestingly, some people see the testicles as bones (as in skull and crossbones) and therefore perceive it in a more threatening light (death) but that too is OK, in our opinion, because it’s important to take care of all the tools in the box – prevention is after all better than a cure.

If the need arose (it did for an advertisement) to be more subtle with the logo in print, we used it cropped, so the testes were hidden, but the meaning still clear. This time with a tagline: Discreet. Effective. Affordable.

Importantly we’ve made a very sensitive subject a little appealing and little stylish, keeping it masculine and discreet, with a touch of a smile, hopefully.


Bay Urology Man Maintenance
Advertising, Business Card, Logo