Osbornes Funeral Home


Osbornes Funeral Home has been looking after Rotorua families for over 35 years. The business is steeped in tradition, has a healthy history of hard work and dedication to the families they look after. With a superior market share, a great brand story and projected growth they decided on a brand refresh to make sure the business is relevant for another 35 years. The branding refresh was not about just changing a logo but about changing the philosophy of the entire business. It was about telling the story of what they do: Funeral Directors operating in the premiere space where Quality, Sincerity and Trust are the most important offerings to families.

To communicate this they engaged the right people – local people, to help shape and tell their story. Simone de Jong (Creative Marketing Matters), Linda Page (Page Design Ltd), Tracey Robinson (Tracey Robinson Photography) and Kraig Steiner – all people they felt were right to help them. From strategy, design, visual collateral and web design, Osbornes managed to get the right people to help communicate their brand vision.

“Our entire team at Osbornes Funeral Home is involved in the branding changes,” says Mr Fullard, “after all, our business is all about people. Our team are very passionate about what they do – they are our brand ambassadors. A brand is as much about internal as external communications and it takes some time to get it right. At the end of the day we now all have the same goal of taking our service to the next level for our Rotorua families.”


Osbornes Funeral Directors
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